Born in Andalucía, Spain, 1971, Monge's portfolio is deeply inspired by Baroque painters, especially Caravaggio, Velazquez or Ribera, and by his enthusiasm for Greek-Roman culture and Classical sculpture from Phidias to Michelangelo, Cellini or Giambologna.

His work also focuses on the human figure and explores his own vision of body and soul, light and darkness through the chiaroscuro and futurist photo-dynamism after his near-death experience in 2010.
“Don't be afraid of the dark, be afraid of what the light could reveal.”

Aurelio Monge
2009 ANIMA IN EXILIUM: First Art Biennale of Corbera d'Ebre, Catalonia

2011 ANIMA INIQUA: Second Biennal of Art in Corbera d'Ebre

2011 SAN SEBASTIAN: expo collective at Factoría de Arte y Desarrollo, Madrid

2011 ACADEMICS: FineArt4Men online gallery

2012 GRAVITAS: DLRO solo exhibition, Madrid

2012 ANIMA IN PENA: expo collective in Bat Yam, Israel

2012 PIETÀ XY: Sala Addicted, Barcelona

2013 ANIMA OBSCURA: expo collective, La Casa Invisible, Málaga

2013 VICTIMAE: Third Biennale of Art, Corbera d'Ebre, Catalonia 

2013 ACADEMICS: La Bòbila, Barcelona

2013 ACADEMICS: Art Gallery Dionís Bennassar, Madrid
2011 Homo Sapiens, Anima Iniqua

2011 Academica, honoring Caravaggio

- Academics II (book in progress)

- In Aeternum (book in progress)

- Beata Anima (book in progress)
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