Benedetto Fellin - Video

Through its capacity for precise realistic portrayal, the human mind is able to move closer to the world of the sensually tangible. Inspiration does not remain something abstract, but becomes visible. And so a happy pairing of form and fantasy of mind and design rises from the canvas. [The two are distinguishable, yet inseparable]. The thread of fantastic realism weaves through the centuries of art history displaying hundreds of insights into the labyrinth of human life.

Benedetto Fellin was born in Meran (Southern Tyrol, Italy) in 1956. He studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, under the guidance of Professor Rudolf Hausner and received several awards. Amongst those the "Hausner-Förderungspreis" in 1979, the "Akademiefreundepreis" in 1983 and the "Theodor-Körner-Preis" in 1984. Travels abroad inspired many of Fellins paintings, especially those to East Asia, Africa and Central America.

His paintings have been exhibited in cities all around the world such as Vienna, Innsbruck, Tokyo, Bangkok and Mexico DF. Fellin's works can be found in several private collections and also in the following museums; the Austrian National Galley "Schloss Belvedere", the "Ferdinandeum Innsbruck" and the "Messner-Mountain-Museum‚ MMM in Southern Tyrol.

The artwork of Benedetto Fellin is a particular form of figurative painting. The viewer encounters phantastic worlds, in which Fellin puts the characteristics of humans, cultures and landscapes into perceptible relationships. The artist lives and works in Austria (Vienna) and Hungary.
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