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Bjorn has his own and rather unique way to see the world, a glance that is particularly attentive, with which he decodes the universe, using his own world and inner realm. Bjorn asks several questions and messages related to nature and the human condition, as well as our interaction with the cosmos. He has the art of translating the world with his painting. His thoughtful art requires a correlation with the outer world, as his projection in the inner world is changed through meditation, as needed to affect the external universe yet again.

The land, the people, the nature, the water and the marigolds are recurring motifs throughout his work, where he goes from macro to the microcosm to the innercosm. And, within this juxtaposing of universes, more or less self-aware, his surrealism finds a fertile ground. The imagination and the reasoning are combined when constructing a message that adds an extra dimension to this work, giving to it more meaning and a depth that is filled with critical awareness and subliminal messages. Sometimes, the artwork tells us a story by relying on metaphoric brushstrokes, and in others they are pure critical essays or manifestos.   

To Bjorn, painting is a form of meditation and way to flourish the most poetic parts of his soul yet again.

Bjorn’s art is populated by optical illusion, by symbolism and by successive metaphoric transformation, a type of vicious circle that is prolonged to infinity. Images with double meaning, with the absurd being caricatured through humour or satire; a type of Anachronistic and provocative message with purifying desire for plenitude and freedom.

By Pedro Boaventura • Excerpt from Masters of Painting - Volume 1

Bjørn Richter is a painter, sculptor, designer and publisher. He has lived, worked and exhibited in Germany, USA, Denmark and now lives in Norway, with studios and galleries surrounded by nature. Bjørn expresses himself in a variety of creations. His gouache paintings engage in philosophical/reflective spheres of our outer and inner mental landscapes. These paintings are created with gouache paint while using a combination of brush painting, graphical and air brushing techniques, making him a loner in this field of expression.

Bjørn Richter has decided to sell his collection of original artworks as well as a high resolution digital archive of around 500 images. Visit the Art Shop for details.
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