Boris Koller


Boris Koller (born in Vienna 1969) is an Austrian painter who likes to play with the magic and charm of the northern landscape in his paintings. He has such a vast spectrum of styles that his work evades categorization. He resists being labeled as an artist but instead sees himself as a born farmer without a farm to inherit. Like most creatives, his deep inner world finds its way into our world, and for a moment, we get a glimpse of something strangely familiar and beautiful.

With a large pictorial mastery, in his paintings he shows the wide open spaces of the Norwegian fjords, where the ice of the mountains meet the deep blue of the sea's icy waters. The poetics that are linked to the great traditional Nordic landscape and important German painters of the past, from Friedrich to Bocklin, whose romantic twilight mood, tends to investigate human feelings and fears in the face of the mysteries of the world and of death, which is picked up by Koller.

Another element that seems to locate this artist in a German concept of "romantic" art is his passion for music.
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