Carlos Paes


José Carlos Paes Neves e Sousa was born in Ovar, Portugal, in 1949. He studied in Portugal and Angola where he lived until 1975. The assiduous attendance of the atelier of his father, the painter Neves e Sousa, as well as the contact with other artists, were the base for his artistic training. He graduated in History of Modern and Contemporary Art, directed by Professor Fernando Pernes. Between 1970 and 1989, he made sculptures, was aware of painting and drawing. In 1997 and in 1998, he collaborated in designing scenery for theater. He is represented in public collections in several countries (Associacão Nacional de Jovens Empresários, Porto - Portugal; Comissão Nacional de Luta Contra a SIDA, Lisbon – Portugal; Galeria do Superior Tribunal de Justiça, Brasília - Brazil; Coleccão Toyota de Angola, Luanda – Angola) and also in private collections (Germany, Angola, Belgium, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal and United Kingdom).
Solo Exhibitions:

1993 Gallery of the Superior Council of Justice, Brasília, Brazil 

1995 Academic Association of Lisbon, Portugal 

1998 Cenarius Gallery, Luanda, Angola

1999 ANJE, Porto

2003 Cultural House of  Calasparra, Spain

2003 Galeria Babel / Léxico Lindo, Múrcia, Spain

2004 SNPVAC, Lisbon

2007 Casa-Museu Soledade Malvar, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal

2010 Galeria Impoeste, Torres Vedras

2011 Ordem dos Engenheiros, Aveiro, Portugal

2012 Municipal Gallery - Bookstore of Verney, Oeiras, Portugal 

Group Exhibitions:

1990 APTCA Espaço Arte, Lisbon

1991 “Traz um amigo também”, APTCA Espaço Arte, Lisbon, Portugal

1992 APTCArte, Lisbon (with Gregório Gomes)

1992 1st Salão de Inverno APTCArte, Lisbon, Portugal 

1992 “Memórias”, Cultural House, Valença. Portugal 

1994 ATITUDE – Visual Arts Atelier, Lisbon, Portugal 

1994 Salão de Outono APTCArte, Lisbon, Portugal 

1996 “Nós no feminino”, Loios Galeria, Porto, Portugal  

2001 Malta International Art Biennale, La Valleta, Malta

2001 3rd Collective Exhibition Aveirense, Galeria Borges, Aveiro, Portugal 

2001 Autumn Collective, Galeria Borges, Aveiro, Portugal 

2002 5th Collective Exhibition Aveirense, Galeria Borges, Aveiro, Portugal 

2005 Livraria-Galeria Municipal Verney, Oeiras (exhibition in de homenagem a Neves e Sousa e Delfim Maya)

2006 “Sentido da vida: que horizontes?”, Capitania Gallery, Aveiro, Portugal (individual)

2008 14th Internacional Exhibition of Fine Arts, Vendas Novas, Portugal 

2008 Exposición Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo, Badajoz, Spain 

2009 Livraria-Galeria Municipal Verney, Oeiras (with Neves e Sousa)

2009 LANCE Arte, Couto Esteves

2009 The Encouter, Espaço “O mato”, Cucujães, Portugal 

2013 Fluids, Casa dos Bugalhos, Cantanhede, Portugal
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