Claudia Katrin Leyh - Video

The gurative, the objective-realistic, is the centre of her work. To put it in a nutshell: to Claudia Katrin Leyh, Man is the measure of all things, the centre of his thinking and doing. She designed her works because they should say something. It is the message that is intended to be an- nounced that animates her work. Because of this, a constituent part of the creative process is the inter- play between the designed object and the search for an appropriate title. Those notifications intended by Claudia Katrin Leyh to communicate the gure and title are never quite clear. They grow out of that tension which builds up between the art form and the viewer and ask to be sought, to be discovered and thought out. For Claudia Katrin Leyh, it depends on their characters, a little contradiction to be discovered in contempla tion. Detecting such counterpoints is part of the intellectual adoption of her creations.

Text by Prof. Dr. Alfred Erck


The centre point of my work is people.

Their spiritual life, strains and tensions, entanglements, reactions to other individuals, but also influences of their environment, interpersonal.

The mirror of experienced moments in the physiognomy of the individual, the influence from view of life and attitude to life - not only the immediate surroundings but also the condition of the sender - are, for me, an everlasting fascination.

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