Claudio, born in Brazil, has loved art since he was a child. However, he was a chemical engineer until 1987, when he decided to dedicate his time entirely to painting. After a few months at the School of Fine Arts (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), he found out that, unfortunately, he wouldn't be able to reach his artistic goals - since the school was totally abandoned), and to learn everything that is crucial to a painter's education. Since then, he would continue to be a self-taught learner of the Great Masters, from the Renaissance to Impressionism. Since 1988, Dantas has been in the market through the Arte Heritage Gallery, in Rio de Janeiro. He has been exclusively dedicated to painting since then.
There is debate about what is the meaning of art. Since the twentieth century we deal with the questions about the meaning of the Art and try to establish it as and if we could mold it. "We should always question the work, not art".

The dynamism and immediacy of our times leads us to consider only the present and we forget and deny the past legacy. In the effort to create the "most original", mercilessly cut down the previous artworks, a succession of labels and 'isms' that end up and distorting the true meaning and the purpose of Art.

I believe that true art cannot be radical or under rigid established aesthetic standards, but should be beautiful only - of course, beauty itself cannot be standardized, dealing with Art it is a feeling and not a norm.

So, I questioned myself where into these aesthetic standards fits my work under my permanent intents to make it beautiful. The artist cannot stop studying and seeking to develop in any form whatsoever.

Art, above all, is a hard work, but rewarding from the moment that your message is subjectively absorbed. Rubens's work survived to our days and fits beside Picasso despite the distance. I still believe in perpetuity of beauty. I also hope to contribute my small part to this eternal discussion.
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