Dina Bova was born in 1977 in Moscow. Dina's art is full of allegories, metaphors and multifaceted associations. She creates her own world of subjective reality with her camera and computer. Her artworks are far from classic photography and remind us of paintings from the Renaissance period and at the same time conceptual Neo-Surrealism.

This world is sometimes absurd and paradoxical, sometimes strange and surreal, but this world is a reflection of her true feelings. In this world, different emotions coexist side by side: irony, fear, joy, pain, sometimes even madness and despair, but there's always a presence of hope and there's never hatred.

Truthful fiction is the basis of her creative style. Her artworks don't reflect the reality as we know it, yet convey a deep, accurate and true message. A fictional artwork may carry more truth than documentary work, as best said in the famous phrase "Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures".

Dina draws her inspiration from many sources, such as allegories and Bible texts. They inspire her with their mysticism and philosophy. She uses allegories as a way to express her understanding of the modern world and talk about what's really important to her today, sometimes with some sense of irony.

Her works are often provocative and at the same time dramatic. Each of her artworks is an original story, a parable, a profound philosophy about the world, as well as a strong emotional outburst and imaginative insight. Often her characters, full of tragedy and loneliness, serve as guides, taking the spectators into the infinite and mysterious worlds.

Through her art some tough existential questions are asked: Who are we? Why did we come into this world? What is beauty? How do we preserve our uniqueness? – There are no definitive and clear-cut answers or ready-made recipes. These are the questions to which everyone has to find his own answers.

She believes art it should speak for itself and convey a special mood. It should need no explanation, no elaboration and no apologies. It can be very aesthetic or the opposite of it. The most important thing - is freeing the imagination, so "the sky is the limit". Dina is an avant-garde artist, seeking new ways in art photography. She participates in exhibitions and international photography competitions. To date, near to 100 of her works were awarded over near 400 prizes in 26 countries.

2013 Grand-Prix in "Nikon International Photo Contest"

2012 Grand-Prix in "Professional Women Photographers"

2011 New-York - Grand-Prix in "Donkey-Art Prize"

2011 Hasselblad

2011 Spyder Awards

2010 Contemporary art competition, Italy - Gold author title in Aqüeducte biennial

2010 Barcelona - Winner in "World in focus"

2010 Sony

2010-2013 IPA

2010 Asahi Shimbun (Japan), 67 medals (25 Golden) in international photo-contests under FIAP/PSA patronage

2008-2009 Photo District News (PDN), USA - Award winner in contests Nikon
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