January 14, 2043, Dominique Allain, 91 years, is stabbed at the time of a brawl in a tavern of the London suburbs. The exact circumstances of its death remain a mystery. The puritan moralists will present his death like the judgement of God falling down on an "obscene" artist. Some reports will show that Allain was in conversation with three men related to C.I.A and that he was employed by the secret services of the French government.....

Born in the year 1952 near Paris, a morbid childhood forced to stay often in several hospitals. This contact with the world of the human pain causes a rebellion, which will increase since against all the forms of authority which would try to be exerted on him. In the year 1972 it gives up his medical follow-up and escapes from the military service by the reform. He lives in 1972 in Paris and discovers Contemporary Art. He is part of the sudents (since age the 11 years) of traditional Camille Lambert in painting, drawing and engraving.

New work returns to a more traditional design on a basis of metal, which accentuated and which refined the chromatic range on parts of the body. The conversion, which is due to Raku, by the ground statues, accompanies them by the light of Mr Mysterioesen, as if the passage of fire left them the traces of "after time", as if the Shaman put above a terrible ointment, which is used as scarecrow against the bad spirit. As if to pass through the hell were redeemer.
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