Enzzo Barrena - Video

Enzzo Barrena is from Lima, Perú. He is a graphic designer by profession but now he is currently working as a digital artist. He uses computer design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. to create his art and tries to capture his ideas, dreams, wishes or his point-of-view on certain issues that cause interest in him. By this means he has found the most effective way to express himself. He believes that the modern art era has lost the connection between the piece of art and the viewer in terms of emotions.

Through his art, he wants people to feel a kind of connection and identify personal and universal themes like loneliness, sadness, heartbreak, etc. All of his artwork is a search for answers to the usual questions of life: "who am I?", "what am I doing here?", "why's the world like that?", etc.

As for his "style" it is varied, many describe it as surreal, but he cares very little for labels. He creates his own "reality" where identifiable elements converge inside of an imaginary context. The inspiration comes from experience of life. He tries to see beauty in so many ways not only from a superficial aspect. He believes beauty is a state of mind; ugly can be beautiful and vice versa. He tries to mix those concepts which is a reflex of our own human condition.
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