Filip Mrvelj


Filip Mrvelj was born in 1976 in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, Europe. He is the only 3D artist in Croatia. His art is called 3D street art, street painting, pavement art, chalk art, and sidewalk art, 3d street illuzionistic paintings, anamorphic street art, etc.

Specificity of these anamorphic images is to create a 3D illusion of the visitors when they are viewed from a certain angle through the lens of camera itself, cameras or cell phones. Those creations are ideal for live events, marketing campaigns, music videos and TV commercials because they encourage audience interaction. Images can be run on the indoor/outdoor space.

His biggest project is a 1300m2 large anamorphic picture called "Missing coast" that he did in June 2011 in his home town Slavonski Brod in Croatia. The picture is painted with permanent colors on part of the river bank. In one moment ,when the river rises, the viewer takes a photo and it looks like the river is falling down in a big ground hall. The entire project took him 25 working days. 5 days for the preparation of the surface as that part of river is usually under water for 2-3 months during a year. After he cleaned the surface, he needed another 20 working days to finish it. At that time, the official Guinness record for the largest anamorphic picture was about 750 m2, almost 600m2 less than his picture! It was in September 2013, that he made the longest anamorphic picture for the Guinness record. The picture is 140,30m long.

He has represented his art in Germany, Croatia, Netherlands , Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Austria, Qatar.
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