Fouad Al Emadi


Fouad Alemadi majored in Business Administration and Marketing but has always shown interest in art since childhood. Between lectures he dedicated his time to drawing surreal images. One of the artworks he created between lectures won him a golden medal from the University of Kuwait.

After graduating, he moved to Qatar to join his father’s factory and it was then that he managed to dedicate more time as an Artist. He began studying the classic school of Art. Fouad Alemadi does not consider himself as a traditional man, so even in his surrealistic artworks, he tries to move away from tradition and create his own form of surrealism.

Alemadi’s artwork depicts several symbols which are linked to each other and allow the viewer to understand them, no matter what his culture, educational or social background is. In his artworks he also likes to combine European and Middle Eastern cultures.

He states that Surrealism is one of the toughest schools in Art. It is like classic Arabic poetry, which is based on analogy and places the artist in a coma, as if he were living in a dream with all of its illogical details, which come from the subconscious mind. Cultural and social details are translated into lines and colours not belonging to any period of time.
Solo Exhibitions:

Kuwait University Gallery (for which he won a gold medal)

• 2000 Qatari and non-Qatari Gallery

• National Qatari day Gallery

• Creative Art Center Gallery

Group Exhibitions:

• 2015 Calcutta Art Biennale
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