Georgy Kurasov - Video

Georgy Kurasov is an artist who is always looking into the future without losing sight of the past to which we are all beholden. He draws influence from such diverse works as Byzantine mosaics, Early Renaissance paintings, Klimt, and Lempicka, speaking through his paintings in a language that is pictorial and precise.

In addition, he is often compared to Constructivists and Cubists, the main difference between him and them being the large number of contrasting features that he pulls into his work. Although his work can be challenging to audiences, he is careful never to complicate any of his compositions unnecessarily. Every part that he includes is included for a specific, immutable reason.

Spectacularly original, Georgy has spent a lifetime working to understand the inner structures of paintings in order to communicate through his work more effectively. The complex geometrical formations in his work can be unsettling, from plastics forms to crossing light rays and beyond, yet throughout his paintings there is the undeniable sense that the subject is natural, that the ideas he is presenting have arisen without force, that he is simply recording some idea, perhaps troubling, in all its splendour.

Georgy works to the point of exhaustion, always finding new ways to demand more of himself for the benefit of his art and those who view it. He is something of a fanatic when it comes to mastering his own style.
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