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Graeme’s painting is extremely interesting, mainly due to his depiction of situations based on provocative scenes with mysterious atmospheres and characters and a wide array of moods.

His models go through all sorts of states, sometimes they’re girls, sometimes women, sometimes fairies, sometimes witches. They’re acrobats and jugglers who challenge the fine line that connects bad faries and good witches. They all seem to be fallen angels who shamelessly reveal their evil side and exchange their wings for horns. Sometimes with a perverse innocence, where satire gets ahead of morality, within an intrinsic debauchery.

A profound portrait of the human being’s personality, its most basic traits and impulses, of its indivisible animalistic side, and of the characterization of the most basic survival instincts. A whole set of behaviours that challenge good manners and do not align themselves with the norms and morality imposed by modern culture or society. But regardless of how much the animal is denied or repressed, it ends up revealing its tail.

Graeme doesn’t portray the sky nor the darkness, only the light and the shadow, and his promiscuous relationship with dependency. Light and shadow fight for intricate patterns, they create shapes in which the negative space arrives to fulfil the form’s emptiness, as if it was an embroidery ornamenting the skin, emphasising their mystery.

A ballet of hands that underlines female communication, in a mishmash made by aesthetics and sign language. The models stare at the viewer, challenging us as they say something without even opening their mouths. It’s precisely where words end that they begin to speak.

By Pedro Boaventura • Excerpt from Masters of Painting - Volume 1


“It is with great sadness that Art Galaxie’s team says goodbye to Graeme Balchin. An extraordinary Artist, much admired by us, and by many. It has been a privilege to share his artwork through this community and have enjoyed getting to know his fantastic personality along the years.”

Graeme's greatest passion in painting, is the learning process. Learning what can be achieved with paint and colour seems to be an endless journey for him. The collecting of new methods and techniques that give better and better results in his works.

His favored subject, young women, he says is because they are the hardest to paint. The luminosity of the flesh colours is so challenging and playing with the chiaroscuro effect can be so satisfying. One only has to see his paintings in the flesh to see his achievements in this area.

Having studied in many art schools in his early days he still likes to learn on his own admitting to be mainly self taught. Learning is a slow process taking weeks to paint one painting just to try out one idea that may or may not work and may ruin the entire painting. So progress is slow.

He has studied at Paddington Art School 1986, Pennant Hills Life Drawing 1987, Sydney Art Station 1988, Julian Ashtons Art School Sydney p/t (drawing, painting,etching), Studied Etching at Duck Print, Professional Trade - Signwriter.

2017 is shaping to be a major year in his career. After having a successful exhibition in October 2016 he has been asked to have two major exhibitions in 2018.


As a figurative painter, the more I paint, the further I seem to be from my destination. Every time I complete a painting, I think of two more. Every time I complete a solo exhibition, I realize I have leant so much that I want to turn around and start painting for my next exhibition. It happens every time.

I realize this would be the case in all forms of endeavor, but it amazes me the amount there is to learn, about painting a picture. I must admit that I have known for some time, that if I was to feel I have learnt it all, or I have painted the best I can, then there would be no incentive to paint any more. So although I want to paint my best picture, I never want to realize that I have.

I am not here to show how well I know language, nor am I here to argue the theory of painting, to become famous or make ridiculous amounts of money. Not that I would reject these things. I am here, simply to show where I am up to in my endeavors to paint my own masterpiece. It is my quest and I will do it the way I want, but I would love to share it with you.

• 2000 Three Way Exhibition Tap Gallery Sydney

2001 Tuggerah Lakes – Fab Fakes Winner

2002 Tuggerah Lakes – Fab Fakes People's Choice Winner

2002 Invited Exhibitions Flesh Exhibition - Gosford Regional Gallery

2003 Solo Exhibition Cross Section Exhibition - Grand Gallery CC

2003 Invited Exhibitions Oh My God - Grand Gallery CC

2003 Rude Nude - Brokenback Gallery Hunter Valley

2003 The Grand Under a Grand - Grand Gallery CC

2003 Open Exhibitions Banool Conservation Prize,

2003 Australian Watercolour Inst. Exhibition - Gosford Regional Gallery

2003 Gosford Art Prize - Gosford Regional Gallery2004 Invited Exhibitions Ferous Non-Ferous Exhibition - Grand Gallery CC

2004 Rude Nude 2 - Grand Gallery, Suburbia Exhibition - Grand Gallery CC

2004 Northern Exposure - Cpt Cook Gallery Paddington, Birth of Zooid - Grand Gallery CC

2004 City Slickers Not Exhibition - Sydney Metro Gallery

2004 Cross Section Exhibition - Erina Art Space - Gosford City Council

2004 Open Christmas Exhibition - Cpt Cook Gallery Paddington

2004 Open Exhibitions Gosford Art Prize - Gosford Regional Gallery

2004 Who's Who - (Archibald combined show) - Gosford Regional Gallery

2005 Invited Exhibitions Art Is Alive - Grand Gallery CC and Sydney Metro Gallery

2005 Mardi Gras Exhibition - Cpt Cook Gallery Paddington

2005 Rude Nude 3 - Grand Gallery CC

2005 Zooid Exhibition - Sydney Metro Gallery and Cpt Cook Gallery Paddington

2005 Very Bloody Expensive Exhibition - Grand Gallery CC

2005 Open Christmas Exhibition - Paddington and Grand Gallery CC

2006 Invited Exhibitions Glamoroma Exhibition - Cpt Cook Gallery Paddington

2006 Rude Nude 4 - Grand Gallery CC

2006 Solo Exhibition The Entree Series - Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

2004/05/06/07/08/09/10/11 Gosford Art Prize - Finalist People's choice award 2009

2007 Doug Moran Finalist

2007 Hunters Hill Art Prize (Selected)

2008 Solo Exhibition 'Aboreal' - Who Art Thou Gallery

2008 Fathers Day Exhibition Winner

2008 Umina Rotary Portrait Prize Runner Up

2009 Umina Rotary Portrait Prize Winner

2010 Invited Exhibition Grand opening of Beinart Gallery 696 Ink – Brunswick Vic.

2011 Solo Exhibition Botanic Gardens Sydney

2011 Mortimore Art Prize finalist and highly commended

2012 Major Solo Exhibition Soho Galleries Sydney Collections Numerous Artworks in both Private Australian Collections & Private Collections in America and England

2010 Rotary Umina Portrait prize
• 2003 The Herald 19th June

2004 The Daily Telegraph 1st April

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2006 ABC Radio - Smart Arts Live Interview

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2007 Express Advocate- Art Culture 21st Feb

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2007 ABC Smart Arts - Live Interviews, The Portrait Prize, April & May

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2009 ABC Radio Live Interview 14th Aug

2009 Express Advocate Interview - Rotary Umina Portrait Prize
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