Gisela Banzer is an Argentinian artist. After studying Visual and Communication Design, she decided to shift into Fine Arts. An autodidact, she trained herself in drawing and painting, coming to master these techniques over a period of several years. From a young age, she had been drawn to visual media, attracted to the clarity that it offered.

As an artist, she focuses a large amount of her energy on crafting atmospheres and character personalities, trying to illustrate what reality may look like in an unreal world. She is a dreamer at heart, sure to find the fantastic parts of everyday life. Perceptive perhaps to a fault, she picks up on the details that other people miss and then incorporates what she sees into her work.

Splendidly imaginative, Gisela sees a world in which animals are heroes. She is a storyteller, and the stories that she tells flow in a way not often seen in visual art. Her work is influenced deeply by Edwardian aesthetics and photographs from the early part of the 20th century, so any time you see something reminiscent of an antique photo in her works, there is a huge level of intentionality present. She seeks to evoke the past that the influence holds over the present by placing its shadow within our line of sight.

Gisela is a one-of-a-kind artist whose work manages to call back to other works while still standing on its own two feet.

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