Givi Kolelishvili


Givi Kolelishvili was born in Telavi, Georgia in 1948. Between 1966 - 1972 he got his artistic education at Tbilisi Academy of Arts. Givi Kolelishvili is a member of the Art Union of Georgia and Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, where he also has taught visual arts. He has restored several Georgian churches. In addition to his professional career as an artist, he was Production Designer on several Georgian theaters.

Givi Kolelishvili has exhibited in several galleries including foreign Berlin Art Gallery, Barakaldo Municipality Exhibition Hall in Bilbao, several renowned galleries in Moscow etc. His artwork can be seen in private collections in Russia, Italy, Turkey, France, the United States and in several art museums in the United States. Givi's absolute favorite story is about the wayward knight "Don Quixote", which is also reflected in some of Givi's artworks.

There is no doubt that Givi Kolelishvili's painting technique and creativity is highly professional and inspiring, giving a wonderful life to his paintings, although life in Georgia can sometimes be hard. Givi could not imagine doing anything else than painting. Painting is his life!
Solo Exhibitions:

• 1993 Sheraton Metechi Palace, Tbilisi, Georgia

1995 Business Center, Tbilisi, Georgia

2011 Gallery Tornby, Bindslev, Denmark

Group Exhibitions:

1975 Center of Georgian Culture, Moscow, Russia

1979 Modern Art Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

1985 National Pictures Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

1987 Gertsev Gallery, Moscow, Russia

1989 Berlin Art Gallery, Germany

1991 Palazzo del Seminario, Brindizi, Italy

1994 Raissa Michaelisstr. Gallery, Erfurt, Germany

1996 Barakaldo Municipality exhibition hall, Bilbao, Spain
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