Graszka Paulska lives in Poland. Since 2011, she is a member of the Society for Art of Imagination. She participated in individual and group exhibitions both in Poland and abroad. Her favourite technique is dry pastel.

Her paintings are a kind of diary, record of emotions, dreams, memories which are very personal to her. In her works, she looks for the relationship between what is real and transcendental, metaphysical. Painting is her passion. She describes it as a kind of a meditation, an emotional and spiritual cleansing. She says that it lives deep inside her far beyond the consciousness, that she brings into the daylight, and helps her to get to know herself.
• 2011  Midzynarodowa Wystawa "Yin-Yang"  Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia

2011 Ogólnopolski Przegld Sztuki Wspóczesnej FORMA 2011 w Rawiczu

2011 Midzynarodowa wystawa - Art Show "Geysers of Subconsciousness-7" w Moskwie

2012 Wystawa The Society for Art of Imagination w Phantasten Museum w Wiedniu

2012 Wystawa Visionaries w QCC Art Gallery w Nowym Jorku

2012 Midzynarodowa wystawa - Art Show "Geysers of Subconsciousness-8"- Moskwa

2013 Simboli e Archetipi - Teramo

2013 Art Show "Gyesers of Subconsciousness at The Red Oktober" - Moskwa

2013-2014 Magical Dreams II

2014 Expo Dreams & Divinities San Cristobal - Mexico

2014 Midzynarodowa Wystawa Visionaries Seers of the Soul - Blue Door Art Gallery - USA

2014 Midzynarodowa Wystawa Imaginaire 7. The Magic Seven - Lindholm castle, Dania

2014 Za horyzontem zdarze - magiczna strefa surrealizmu, Gallery Quantum, Warsaw

2015 International Exhibition 'Phantastische Venus 2015' - Viechtach, Germany

2015 International Exhibition Magical Dreams III
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