Henk Bloemhof


Henk Bloemhof is a Dutch painter, born in Weststellingwerf in 1945, now living in Groningen. The style of his work is figurative (imaginary realism).

In his paintings he uses only organic forms, which he combines in all possible and impossible ways. In his imagination he transforms plants, trees, animals and human beings so outspoken, that a total new world arises, a world that did not exist before the artist created it. Creating that new world, the painter is guided by his unconscious. He calls those paintings "Freudian Phantasms".

The work of Henk Bloemhof has been exhibited in galleries and museums in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Italy. In Florence he was the winner of a Lorenzo Il Magnifico Award at the Biennale dell' Arte Contemporanea 2009.
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