Hernan Munoz


Hernan Muñoz is an Argentinian artist who was something of a child prodigy in drawing. As a child, he was placed in an art school. However, he did not take his studies seriously at that time, blowing off his schoolwork and failing to impress any of his professors. After high school, he struggled to make ends meet, taking any job that he could find, even jobs that had nothing to do with art. A couple years after that, when he was twenty, he became immersed in the work of William-Adolphe Bourguereau and began spending much of his time at the Museum of Fine Arts. His passion for art became greater than it ever had been before.

Hernan made use of what he had, painting with pigments and linseed oil. He studied the paintings of the old masters vigorously, and at age thirty-three today, he works in his own studio in Buenos Airos. Known for the slick way in which he melds reality and dreams, he is intent on pouring his heart, soul, and mind into all of his output.

He works within the genre of Fantastic Realism, although his paintings are completely of himself, unique in the way that he himself is. Once a prodigy, he himself is now a master. He has passed on from the merely impressive to the wildly expressive and made a name for himself that stands apart from any talent with which he was born.
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