Hossein Zare was born in 1992 in Iran. He is a self-taught photographer and despite his young age, his surrealist photographs won many awards and international recognitions.

Surrealism is a life philosophy that has adopted the injunction of the oracle carved in the corridor of Apollo’s temple at Delphi, ΓΝΩΘΙ ΣΕΑΥΤΟΝ (gnothi seauton), the motto of which means “Know yourself.”

Surrealist art is based on images and ideas that come straight from the subconscious. Rational functions and logical thinking are surpassed by the spontaneous flow of creative impulses from the surrealistic mind of the artist. Making surrealist art is largely a process of coincidence, a process which might be called an automated stream of subconsciousness.

In Hossein’s work, irony is an essential element in making life possible, notwithstanding its difficulties, where the understanding of the unexpected is a vital component for the harmonious development of Being. Photo by photo, day after day, Hossein faces a multitude of situations, blending deep solitude, childish fantasies, sufferings and joys with extraordinary poetry.

Text by Marco Rosada

• 2013 Fiap Silver Medal in International Salon of Photography "Kula"

2013 Aufbih Silver Plaque in Photo Emotion ( Bosni Herzegovina )

2013 Khayyam Silver Medal in Khayyam International Exhibition of Photography

2013 GIP HM in Germany International DVF-Photocup
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