Leszek Sokol

In Leszek Sokol’s art we step into a fantastic tale which takes us back to a distant dream, located somewhere in our childhood. Just like in any enchanted realm, the angelic figures drag us into an anti-gravitational universe, in which everything is magically driven upwards, as if it is pushed by an invisible stream of hot air that challenges the laws of physics.
Everything is light, everything flows and floats within unique metaphysics, where Leszek rewrites its principles and foundations, altering its laws and introducing a new reality and philosophy.
The light doesn’t seem to come from the sky, emanating instead from the bodies and the objects in a magnificent way, spreading itself without leaving any trace or shadow in a transcendental manner. The atmosphere is as diffused as it is absorbing, appearing hot and cold simultaneously. The deep, warm and seductive colors transmit an apparent quietude in a landscape that goes beyond the painting’s frame.  

The perspective’s distortion is as captivating as it is delicious, making the characters even more ludicrous, trapped in a colossal body that flaunts huge contrasts. The tiny head, hands and feet coat with graciousness and delicacy such ample figures, which are full of feelings and emotions. Despite its strong cartoonish component, stressed by disproportion itself, everything is so delicate and treated with such tenderness that all looks perfect, a pure choreography of aerial ballads which enthrall and bewitch us with romantic and generous feelings.

The wardrobe and the accessories take us back to the beginning or to the middle of the last century, sometimes to more distant eras, such as the Middle-Ages or the Renaissance. The winter clothing’s textures convey a sensation of comfort and protection in such giant and fragile beings. The houses transport us to dollhouses, designed with an organic trace and harmonious colors, in which the interiors appear to be a perfect setting for any fairytale. The animals have a distinct and proud posture, they are noble and possess a rare intelligence. The trees challenge gravity as if they were hot air balloons, in which the trunks’ contours delicately drag across the canvas, taking our glance upwards with them.
Leszek’s characters celebrate a state of immutable and transcendental grace, sometimes they look directly into our eyes and our soul, probably, due to some sort of effect or contagion, they make us lighter to the point where we feel ourselves floating some feet above the ground.

Pedro Boaventura




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