Kazuhiro Tsuji

Are we the ones who see the Sculpture or is it the Sculpture that sees us?
The figure stares at us with a stationary expression immersed in a feeling that remains frozen over time, and is extended to infinity. The semblance and the sentiment become immortal, in a perennial thought that challenges eternity itself. The sculpture is not solely 3D, there is 4D, 5D and so on…
In Kazuhiro Tsuji’s sculpture, reality enters a new dimension and it is even depicted more clearly than life itself. It may seem a contradiction, something unfeasible or even a technical impossibility, but an attentive glance would not be needed to perceive this unavoidable reality.

However, what fascinates me the most is not its realistic appeal, but rather everything that’s lies behind the sculptural process, the path that was taken to get there, the meticulous and thorough decisions, the technical methodology that was deployed to create this “holographic” illusion that makes the magic happen.

The knowledgeability on anatomy and its representation are taken to the extreme, the mastering of the laws of physics, light, matter, the characteristics of materials and textures and the pure fact of being able to juxtapose everything in the modeling act, in order to have the work flowing naturally, providing the feeling that under the skin and muscles, are organs which allow the figure to breath with vitality.
Crossing paths with one of his sculptures in a room is breathtaking, beyond the depiction of the essence and spirit, lies something more, his figures have something magnetically hypnotic. There is a moment when our glance gets stuck in suffocation and all sorts of questions start to surface when there’s only one answer for them: it is not possible! The figure portrays life, energy and soul, it breaths in the environment in which it is placed, breathing the air that we are lacking.

Another remarkable characteristic is that instead of being triumphantly melted and epically sealed with the weight of bronze, here the sculpture is simply human, as naturally organic as it was in life, against everything and everyone, it will remain like that throughout eternity.
In the sculptures of Kazuhiro, the skin is even more pure than reality, the color is more transparent, the volume is carefully modeled, the painting bases itself on authentic traits of “mischief”, which is able to transmit the effect of the material and light in desired proportions.

It is fascinating how he builds an illusion (thanks to minor lies here and there) and how he simultaneously portrays the model and what he wants to portray with it. It’s in this simple equation that art manifests itself in its maximum splendor and the creator reaches an execution that is as perfect as it is perverse: he deceives and misleads his audience and consequently the latter enjoys to be misled.

Pedro Boaventura



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