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Featured Artist Interview

How was your style born?

I think it’s exactly the same as making music or writing poetry. It’s inside you and you need to put it on paper or canvas. Of course the world where I grew up in has influenced me, but character and personality is the master here.

What kind of emotions do you have when you are painting?

I only paint during the day. While I work, I listen to a lot of music, which is different depending on my mood or subject I am working on. Music is my muse, supporting my creativity and inspires me. Creation is one of the most annoying things, which I do with a great pleasure.

How would you describe your artwork to someone who has never seen it?

Are there such people? Just joking ;) I can’t do that. Paintings are for viewing just like music is for listening.

What is the message behind your work?

Definitely I mean to create a climate, an atmosphere, a certain aura, which my audience will like and identify with. When I paint I imagine myself in this unreal world, which I am very close to. I think that deep inside me I am little boy who fondly believes in magic and Santa Claus.

Your artwork transmits a lot of sensibility, serenity and poetry. What best describes you?

In the era of overwhelming rudeness, vulgarity and lack of any type of moral brakes, people are looking for something that will make them calm and experience something positive. Something warm, joyful and maybe a little nostalgic awakens in them, which are always nice feelings for the heart. I wish for my paintings to have that exact role.

How has painting influenced your life?

I think that it influenced my life positively. I have a wonderful wife and daughter and an amazing family, but painting is also my great love. I am one of people who like Mondays. I don’t have a boss above me, so being a professional free man, I use this freedom with my loved ones.

What is the artwork you are most proud of? Why?

I have many artworks which I consider finished.  Today, I also have many that I might not sell. I hope that the best artwork is still ahead of me.

What do you dream of?

I few years ago, I painted figures levitating over a meadow blowing bubbles. I call it “Holy Peace”. I think this is one of my most important dreams. I therefore wish all the supporters of my work peace and joy in everyday life.