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Who We Are

Art Galaxie offers revolutionary platforms that provide artists with a worldwide investor base, bringing them support and long-term stability. Here artists can find all kinds of professionals they may need right at their fingertips. Check out our Services Page to find out more.

Our passionate staff believes in helping artists succeed, that is why we work diligently to develop unique and personalized projects. We hope Art Galaxie gives you inspiration as we find in it every day.

Art Galaxie, a Universe full of Stars!

Our Services

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Our Mission

Present to the Public amazing Artists and present to the Artists an amazing Public.

Art Galaxie is an artistic project, constantly in motion, that strives to provide multimedia platforms to share artistic expression. It is comprised by artists and has always been an organization fed by energy, enthusiasm and love for art. We aim to enhance the lives of people all over the globe with positive energy and through beautifully creative experiences.


The Art of Giving

In a society that lacks values, and is increasingly self-centered, thinking only in profit making, we believe strong contribution is fundamental to give genuinely. This is one of our values and why we have started the “Art of Giving” program. We act in good faith on behalf of those we want to help. That’s why the participation in our art portal, collective art books and many other projects are free to our artists.

Additionally, through our Affiliate program, artists can also earn on commissions from our products sold on their website.
Equally important to us is donating and raising funds for charities and solidarity institutions looking to make a difference.

More details below.

  Affiliate Program
 Art of Giving

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