Claudio Dantas - Brazil



"There is debate about what has to be Art. Since the twentieth century busied us to question it and establish it as if we could mold it. We should always question the work, not Art. The dynamism and immediacy of our times leads us to consider only the present and forget and deny the past. Eager to create the 'original', we cut down mercilessly previous achievements in a succession of labels and 'isms' that end up distorting the true meaning and purpose of Art.
I believe that true art can not be radical or have aesthetic standards established, should be just true and beauty - of course, beauty itself is not standardized, it is a feeling and not a form. One need not throw away the Pompiers in the basement to make way for the Impressionists. Picasso is nonetheless Art if Van Eyck is the case, or vice versa.


- Degree in Chemical Engineering, live from painting since 1988.
- Research true figurative painting from the Renaissance to Impressionism.
- Several solo and collective exhibitions in Brazil.
- Painted several frescoes in churches in Brazil.
- 3rd prize at the Biennial of Contemporary Art of Florence - 2011.