Graeme Balchin - Australia



Artist Profile

Artist Statement

As a figurative painter, the more I paint, the further I seem to be from my destination.

Every time I complete a painting, I think of two more.

Every time I complete a solo exhibition, I realize I have leant so much that I want to turn around and start painting for my next exhibition.

It happens every time. I realize this would be the case in all forms of endeavor, but it amazes me the amount there is to learn, about painting a picture.
I must admit that I have known for some time, that if I was to feel I have learnt it all, or I have painted the best I can, then there would be no incentive to paint any more.

So although I want to paint my best picture, I never want to realize that I have.

I am not here to show how well I know language, nor am I here to argue the theory of painting, to become famous or make ridiculous amounts of money. Not that I would reject these things.
I am here, simply to show where I am up to in my endeavors to paint my own masterpiece. It is my quest and I will do it the way I want, but I would love to share it with you.

Studied at Paddington Art School 1986, Pennant Hills Life Drawing 1987, Sydney Art Station 1988, Julian Ashtons Art School Sydney p/t (drawing, painting,etching), Studied Etching at Duck Print, Professional Trade - Signwriter.

Business Acumen
On completion of trade qualifications, I established and ran my own successful signwriting business Vital Signs which operated until 2000.We produced work for Village Road Show, Hoyts, Greater Union, Home Pics Video,Top Video and many RSL, Leagues and Bowling Clubs.In 2000 we sold the business and my invention of a Aluminum flexible signface. I later started p/t Teaching at Newcastle Tafe in 2003 and finished in 2004 to pursue a career in Fine Art.