Tassos Kouris - Greece



Tassos Kouris was born in Corfu, the Greek island in the Ionian Sea, on 23 November 1946. He was sketching with dexterity since a very young age. During his schooling days he attended drawing lessons in the School for Arts of Corfu, a rather grandiose title that covered the personal efforts of some of the good painters of Corfu of that time. Later he went in Athens and he went to the Medical School of Athens to become a medical doctor after 6 years and taking the specialty of Ophthalmology some years later.

During all this time, in parallel with his medical study, he worked on his drawings enchanted in the end of oil painting and surrealism.
He did at the time big canvases, full of his own vision of fantastic realism.
He had his first exhibition, his one man show, in 1981, in the premier gallery of that time ZYGOS of Athens, under the patron ship of the late Frantzis Franzeskakis director of the gallery and a person with vast knowledge of art history. This exhibition was very successful and was followed by many group exhibitions and many one man shows, mainly in Zygos gallery, in Athens, Corfu, Chicago, Washington D.C. etc. with the same success.

His works are in The Vorres Museum of Modern Greek Arts and numerous private collections in Greece, USA and other countries. He gives his paintings titles that do not "explain" the painting and he does not "explain" what he "means" by each painting, giving the right to the viewer to form his own explanations and also to change them...
Meanwhile he became also director of the State Ophthalmology Clinic of the General Hospital of Athens "G. Gennimatas" and now of the Ophthalmology dept of "Iatriko Kentro Athinon" and he is former president of the Greek Ophthalmological Society and the Greek Vitreoretinal Society, serving vision by, not only his Art, trying to restore this most important ability in his patients.
But, while medicine is still his wife, painting is his eternal mistress...