Jacqui Grantford - Australia

Artist Profile

Jacqui has been passionate about art all through her life and as a child it seemed inevitable that she would pursue art as a career, but she was distracted by a sudden passion for music in her later years at School. She started to study the piano when she was 15 and and then at 17 took up the violin.

She found that she learned extremely quickly and after studying the violin for eighteen months auditioned for the Conservatorium of Music at Melbourne University. She was accepted and completed a Bachelor of Music Education in 1991.

However, her passion for art remained and constantly niggled at her to return to her easel. It was when her first child was born that Jacqui acted upon this – possibly encouraged by the fact her son used to cry when she played the violin.

Since then she has worked extensively as an artist, participating in a number of exhibitions and winning numerous awards, most recently winning the Architecture Award in the Master of Art Competition in London.

She is a well-known artist, childrens’ author/book illustrator and educator. Books that she has both written and illustrated include: ‘Various Faerious’ (2002), ‘Shoes News’ (2004) and ‘Simply Drawing’ (2010) a book and DVD demonstrating drawing techniques.

Her love of music has remained, so when she’s not painting in her studio, she volunteers as a radio announcer on 3MBS fm, a Classical music station.