Kim Hyeonggon - South Korea



Originally from South Korea, Hyeong-Gon Kim's artistic career began at In-cheon University where he focused on traditional Korean painting. In pursuit of a second MFA degree, and shifting his focus towards a traditional western approach to oil painting. Kim continued his studies at the Academy of Art University, where he past taught about Analysis of Form for 3 years after graduated to 2010. And end of Dec. 2011, he moved back to his country and teaches Basic drawing with Oil painting class at Incheon University and Chonnam University in Korea Since 2013. Kim has exhibited his work internationally, particularly in Seoul, South Korea, Germany, Japan and throughout the United States, where he was represented by Horizon Fine Art Gallery in Jackson and is currently represented by WAM(Weith Art Management) in Santa Babara, DRFA(Dennis Rea Fine Art gallery) Gallery in San Francisco. California. United States. and Keumsan Gallery in Seoul. South Korea.