La Ba Quan- Vietnam



Name: Ba Quan, La
Nationality: Vietnam
Birth: 03 Sep 1976
Sex: Male

La Ba Quan was born in Nam Dinh, Vietnam in 1976. Highly educated, he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from the College of Arts Nam Dinh in 1997. Further studies led to his Bachelor in Fine Arts from Hanoi University of Fine Arts, after that, he got his Masters of Fine Arts from Hanoi University of Fine Arts. With a signature style unique to other contemporary Vietnamese artists, La Ba Quan has carved a distinguished place for himself in the art world. His haggard characters on canvas typically don a cigarette and are formed with thick, rough brush strokes that strike the viewer immediately as intense and emotional.

His paintings often reflect on his life and his father's life. He admires his father who endured hardship during the war time and these memories return in his haunting portrait images. Exhibiting since 1999, La Ba Quan's works have been shown across Vietnam, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Israel, Hong Kong and Singapore. He lives and works in Hanoi.

"Many men many minds, many joys and sorrows too. The Creator gives each person a personality, and a fate. Anyone here and there has his or her own hapless things; less or more depends on a man's characteristics and endurance. Men in a certain way can exchange segments of sufferings for entertainments, but with too many agonies inside they just keep all in themselves and considerately observe them in sad and painful silence. From time to time numerable human faces have shown up with tears or happiness.

There are some blissful laughs but people cannot conceal the past austerity and other grievous aspects. I have met many faces, from luxurious places to the end corners of many streets... Their wrinkles can show many portraits of indefinites as they are telling the world with their wordless stories that are finished only when men and women will not reserve their misery or bliss in life. I have painted them, depicting their joyful or sorrowful conditions and trying to narrate their living stories. Beside the shadowy smoke I feel that they and I are one, and together we tell the present tales of my life."