Marius Markowski - Switzerland



IMG 2709As my name, Marius Markowski, suggests, I have Polish ancestors, was born there in 1976, yet have been raised in a small town in Switzerland. Nowadays, I live alternately in Brazil and Switzerland.

I've always enjoyed creative activities such as designing my own bags and furniture, drawing and oil painting. My curiosity in this field led me to digital painting, which I have been doing since 2012. For this I use a 13 inch Wacom tablet and software by Corel named Painter 12. As a result, my creations are only available as limited print editions on canvas.


I get great pleasure in digital painting and I always like experimenting with new stiles and different approaches. Maybe because I used to work with oil paint, the attempt to digitally imitate oil paintings is particularly interesting for me. In my art work, I try to create vivid visual stimuli and have no intention to convey a political, moral or ideological message. I simply enjoy expressions of feelings, moods, ambience and sensual perceptions.