Patricia van Lubeck - Netherlands



VanLubeck00-studioMy recently created oil paintings are all about individualism.
The trees in my paintings are performing like actors. Most of the people can associate themselves with one of the trees. I think every person is gifted with at least one special thing in life, so everyone can easily personify themselves with one of the actors. As the 'brave' one, the 'cheeky' one, or the 'lucky' one. Even if it's for just one particularly situation is his life.


If you don't take the titles too literally, you can see the solo acting tree as the leader of a group, a performer in front of an audience or a guide showing the way.
About my painted portraits of imaginary people I have ever said: Every portrait is a self-portrait. Not literally on the outside, but they all are separate parts of my own character. To be more specific; a magnified version of a part of my character. Just like an actor digs up something out of the dark corners of his own personality to play a convincing role.
Maybe the meaning of the landscapes is not very different of the portraits. In fact the trees are performing a role or character too.