Luis Duro


Luís Duro, revealed his interest in Art at a very young age. Drawing is the subject that has accompanied him throughout his entire academic training. His initial training was given to him by several painters, who taught him about the materials and the various techniques of painting, however it was much later that he consolidated his training with the study of the old Masters.

He has since then always been passionate about the surrealistic movement, which can be seen in most of his works. However, many times we can also see an expressionistic style in some of his artworks. He is a supporter of strong and controversial themes, and uses painting as a reflection of the standards of contemporary society, thus seeking to make the public question them.
• Colectiva do turismo de Viseu

Individual no Hotel Montebello – Viseu

Colectiva do Lyons Club de Viseu

Individual no Espaco Cultural "Artes e Letras"

Colectivas "Arte expovis"

Colectiva Galeria Auditorio "Mirita Casimiro"

Colectiva "ARTIS VI" – Seia

13 a exposicao internacional de Vendas Novas

Colectiva Associacao "Arte a Vista" – Coimbra

Feira de Antiguidade e Arte Contemporanea-Convento do Beato Galeria Lizquadro-Leiria

Galeria Micro-Arte-Lisboa

Palacio do Freixo-Porto-Antiguidades e Arte Contemporanea Alfandega do Porto – Feira de Antiguidades e Arte Contemporanea Feira Internacional de Lisboa

Casa da Cultura de Pombal

Biblioteca Municipal de V.N.Paiva
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