Nathalie Picoulet


French painter, Nathalie Picoulet, specializes in pastels. Between 1987 and 1991, she served on the faculty of Arts of Amiens, and after that, she moved on to the faculty of the Higher School of Art and Design of Amiens. Since her entrance into the world of pastels, she has been doing portraits, landscapes, and seascapes. Eventually, she discovered the subject that has brought her the greatest fame and acclaim: the female nude.

Recognized as beautiful, delicate, and sublime, Nathalie’s female nudes in pastel are unique in their perspective. While female nude paintings have in the past been a subject primarily painted by men, Nathalie takes them as her subject unapologetically and with a purpose. She seeks to represent the female nude positively and honestly. In 2005, she was named Master Pastelliste by the Society of Pastellistes of France, who also had exhibited her work in Paris in 2004.

Fearless in her search for truth via pastel, Nathalie wants the world to recognize that the female nude is a subject the depth of which is comparable to even the loftiest of subjects. She does not flinch in the face of difficult decisions, moving forward like someone who knows where she is going, confident in her abilities and in the solidity of what she is attempting to communicate. Her distinction in pastels is just as much a credit to her bravery as an artist as it is to her technical ability.
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