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Jan Teunissen, Born (1949) in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, lives and works in Best also situated in the southern part of The Netherlands. Initially he followed a technical training and graduated as an industrial engineer. Since 1983 he started his experience in making realistic paintings. Until 2002 he worked as a painter but also in industry, after that he focused fully on his carrier as a painter.

Paintings of Jan Teunissen are made in a traditional style; paintings in oil on panel. They are characterized by a high degree of realism and atmosphere: "Classic realistic work", while a modern look is not shunned. The themes you find in his work, are the wide variety of topics: still-lifes, flowers, portraits, animals and others.
So lifelike, and basically no bigger than in real life, these paintings are such that they evoke comments and have ratings such as: "So real you would take a bite out of it.", "You can smell what fruit it's all about." or "Any moment a worm can crawl out of those pears."
• A.R.T. Art Revolution Taipei (WTCT) (Taiwan)

Galerie Pierre Beynac (France)

Gallery Montulet Gouda/Den Haag (Netherlands)

Kunstbeurs, Naarden Vesting (Netherlands)

Museum De Fundatie Zwolle (Netherlands)

Antwerp Artfair, Antwerpen (Belgium)

Luxemburg Artfair (Luxemburg)

Kunst Antiek & Design Beurs's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)

Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Bastings & van Tuyl Antiquairs Oss (Netherlands)

Gallery Gold (Aviskar)

Calcutta (India)

PAN (ArtFair) Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Galerie Den Andel Groningen (Netherlands)

Galerie Thyade Rotterdam (Netherlands)

Museum The Black Tulip Lisse (Netherlands)

Castle Ravenhof Stabroek (België)

Uganda National Museum Uganda (Africa)

Culture Centre De Hofnar Valkenswaard (Netherlands)

Gallery Staphorsius WestzaanFransastic (Netherlands)

Art Gallery UtrechtOpen Art Fair Utrecht (Netherlands)
• 2018 Finalist in contest for participation in Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T. 2018)

• 2016 Nomination AVROTROS Art Competition 2016

• 2016 (Gold) Aviskar-Van Gogh Award 2016 Calcutta

• 2015 Certificate participation Aviskar-Calcutta Art Biennale 2015

• 2013 Winner International Visical Artist Challenge (IVAC) 2013

• 2013 Certificate of participation and achievement fifth election "Painting of the year 2013"
• “Treasures from All About Art and Artist”

Art Revolution Taipei (A.R.T), catalogue of exhibition I.A.C (International Art Contest) in Word Trade Centre Taipei, May 2018

Catalogue “Zonier Haast 2018” 

“Groeiend Best”, A.R.T in Taipei World Trade Centre in May 2018

Website Passie Pensioneert Nooit, Interview with Jan Teunissen

Boek Jan Teunissen, Hardcover, 22 x 22cm, 48 page, 40 photos

Masters of Painting - volume 1. Good presentation of my work in this art book by Art Galaxie

EenVandaag TV, Bijdrage Jan Teunissen TV-item in “EenVandaag” over discussion on Sunflowers by Van Gogh, October 2013

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Catalogu: “100 Days of Dutch art Exhibition”

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Expositie Zonder Haast 2014

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Bestbekeken.nl - Interview

Expositie Jan Teunissen Weert

Brochure expositive ”Zonder Haast”

Kunstbeleving aan de Westeinderplassen