Jolanda Richter - Video

Jolanda Richter was born in Holland in 1971, grew up in Vienna, and began to study music and painting very early. At the age of seventeen she studied violoncello at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Following her true passion, she devoted her artistic work to painting over time. She studied at the 'University of Applied Arts Vienna', painting and graphic arts, and successfully completed her studies in 1999. With her unusual pictures, success and a broad echo of her work quickly became apparent. International awards and first prizes followed. Countless individual exhibitions and exhibitions involved her through Europe and the USA. She lives and works as a freelance artist in Lower Austria, Austria.

"She is one of the profiled figural painters in Austria. Their striking capacity lies in the convincing presence of the human figure in cleverly designed magically unreal dispositives of space and time and a very personal psychological coloring (by Univ. Prof. Uli Gansert).

"She talks about her childhood, mental scars, fears, but also about desires, dreams and hopes. The source point, however, is not the dreams of the day, but the admitting of the night-consciousness, that is, affective reflections without finiteness. One could describe their work as catathymic, imaginative autochthonous creations, which exist independently of the usual market trend (By Prof. Gotthard Fellerer).
• 2013 Art fair ART-EN-CAPITAL – Grand Palais, Paris, France

2013 Beskidian Art Gallery, Szczyrk, Poland

2013 'SAFE 2013′, 8. Salon de l'Art Européen, Le Mont-Dore, France

2013 Stadtmuseum St.Pölten, Lower Austria, Austria 

2013 'Kunst für Menschen in Not', Charity Event, Stift Melk, Lower Austria, Austria

2013 Contemporary Gallery, 1010 Vienna, Austria

2012 Beskidian Art Gallery, Szczyrk, Poland

2012 Galerie Akum, Vienna, Austria 

2012 Galerie im Donemig-Haus, Vienna, Austria

2012 Stadtmuseum St.Pölten, Lower Austria, Austria  

2012 "AUSTROnauten", PhanART – Phantastische Kunst Viechtach. Germany  

2011 Beskidian Art Gallery, Szczyrk, Poland

2011 Galerie Akum, Vienna, Austria 

2011 Kleine Galerie, Vienna, Austria 

2011 '4th Annual Human Form Show', The Hilliard Gallery, Kansas City, Mo, USA

2011 Hilleroed Library, Ausstellungsbeteiligung. Copenhagen, Denmark

2010 Galerie Palais Palffy, Vienna, Austria

2010 Galerie Akum, Vienna, Austria 

2009  'SAFE 2009′, 4e Salon de l'Art Européen, Les Thermes du Mont-Dore, France  

2009 Domgalerie, Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria, Austria

2008 Domgalerie, Wiener Neustadt, Lower Austria, Austria

2008 Galerie Akum, Vienna, Austria

2008 'Dreamscape' – 'Loods 6′, Amsterdam, Niederlande  

2007 'Atelier an der Donau', Landhausgalerie Ausstellungsbrücke, St. Pölten, Austria, Lower Austria

2007 Galerie Akum, Vienna, Austria

2006 Galerie Altes Sudhaus, Kelheim, Germany

2006 Galerie Akum, Vienna, Austria

2005 'Natural History Museum Vienna', Vienna, Austria  

2005 Galerie Castillon, Côte D'Azur, France

2005 Egon Schiele-Museum, Tulln a.d. Donau, Lower Austria, Austria

2004 Agora Gallery, Soho, New York, NY, USA  

2004 Nathan D. Rosen Museum Gallery, Florida, USA

2004 Galerie 10, Vienna, Austria

2003 'Greenhouse Gallery', San Antonio, USA  

2002 Wienerwaldmuseum, Lower Austria, Austria 
• 2013 1st PRIZE WINNER in the '8. Salon de l'Art Fantastique Européen 2013′ – SAFE 2013. Le Mont-Dore, France.

2013 'Tullnerfelder Kulturpreis für Malerei', Austria 

2010 Diploma of excellence (Honorable Award), '9th FEMALE ARTIST'S', Art Addiction Gallery, London

2009 2nd PRIZE WINNER in 'In Vision', ARTROM Gallery, International Art Competition, Rome, Italy 

2009 3rd PRIZE WINNER in 'SAFE 2009', 4e Salon de l'Art Fantastique Européen, France

2008 'Award Of Distinction', in 'Kunst für Menschen in Not', Austria 

2005 1st PRIZE WINNER in the 'International Art Contest 2005', Realism, Australia 

• 2004 1st PRIZE WINNER in the '17th International Exhibition of Animals in Art' at the Louisiana State University, USA

2003 1st PRIZE WINNER in 'Access to Active Art Competition', United Kingdom