Oleg Shupliak - Video

Oleg Shupliak is one of the most famous Ukrainian artists. His popularity in the world came along with his series of artworks consisting of unique and unusual illusions with double meaning, where he skillfully and masterly combines two genres - portrait and landscape.

These two storylines always logically linked. Due to this peculiar and distinctive style of the artist, he is often called the "Ukrainian Salvador Dali". Oleg Shupliak lives and works in a small historical town in Western Ukraine called Berezhany. He basically lives as a reclusive artistic hermit.

Nevertheless, his work is seen and appreciated by many at different levels. In 2013, he received the International Foundation "Cultural Heritage award at St Petersburg. Oleg Shupliak won a gold medal for the “Creation of Skills and Unique Style in Art". In the same year, he won the national contest for the best logo for the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko.

Since 1991, Oleg takes part in many exhibitions. His personal exhibitions were held in Kiev, Chernigov, and St. Petersburg as well as in foreign countries such as the United Kingdom, Denmark, etc. There are many publications about the artists’ work in domestic and international newspapers, magazines and textbooks.