Zoltán Molnos’s artistic power lies in a constant exchange and perpetual transformation of the inner state into a visual, emotional-mental and spiritual energy transmuted to the physical world. He is intimately attuned to the spirit of the human condition, allowing everything to touch and pass through him and become artistic nourishment. Zoltán becomes an instrument, an incredibly open and sensitive looking glass, and a glass that becomes a see-through form of the human experience.

Even if Molnos becomes ironic, the shapes, marks and forms in his paintings are not unlike performers seeking a balance. They have been created as if by an overwhelming need of a group of inner aesthetic thespians that move dramatically, without embarrassment, and execute gestures without shame; that move through the world of emotion, intelligence, conscience and spirit toward a unified harmony. The organic quality in his work moves of its own volition and with a passion to communicate an inner freedom to the outer theater of life.

Text by Prof. Philip Rubinov Jacobson, Tucson, Arizona