Nicoletta Tomas Caravia was born in Madrid, Spain in 1963.

She is a selftaught artist who states that painting has grown inside of her and her in it. They go hand in hand as it is an intimate language between her soul and herself. She learns with it, inhabiting the realm of form to let deep feelings speak. Mirrors from her world to the world, from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside. The battlefield always within her and the imagination as a companion. Her pictorial motifs, the light of the human being, its fragility and its greatness.

She is not so interested in an artwork for how it is executed, but for its ability to speak directly to our hearts.
• 2015 "With all my heart" Ballettcentrum, Dortmund, Germany

2014 Esperanza Exhibition, Ballettcentrum, Dortmund, Germany

2014 Work in permanence in gallery Luis Peinbert, Acapulco, Mexico

2011 Gallery La Tira Xativa Valencia

2011 Espai d'art Miquela Nicolau Felanitx Mallorca

2010 Reales Atarazanas Museum of Valencia, artistic movement "La Escalera (collective)

2009 Gallery Maika Sanche

2009 Collective Gallery Maika Sanchez

2008 69 International exhibition of plastic arts in Valdepeñas

2008 Gallery Maika Sanchez Valencia

2008 Gallery Current art Tomelloso Ciudad Real (collective)

2007 Gallery Barca solar Madrid

2007 Gallery Marka Sanchez Valencia

2006 Gallery Toranto Barcelona (collective)

2006 Sanchez and Juan Elche Gallery (collective)

2005 Gallery Maika Sanchez Valencia, Spain

2004 Gallery Maika Sanchez Valencia, Spain (collective)

2003 Gallery Maika Sanchez Valencia, Spain

2003 Gallery La Palla Sant Andreu de la Barca Barcelona, Spain

2003 Gallery Maika Sanchez Valencia, Spain (collective)

2002 Galerie Thuillier Paris, France

2002 Gallery Maika Sanchez Valencia, Spain

2001 Gallery Maika Sanchez Valencia, Spain

2001 Jönkóping, Sweden

2001 Libra of the Goverment of Upper Austria

2001 Karmelklooster Drachten, The Netherlands

2001 World Fine Art Gallery New York, USA

2000 Grillparzerhof Linz, Austria

2000 Artisans Art Gallery Florida, USA

2000 Rapsodia Milan, Italy