Wu Kuan-Te puts Action Painting into practice in his works and mixes in aspects of oriental philosophy. Inspiration comes from his rich life experience and keen observation of Mother Nature, revealing the sense of peace and tranquility he has found in the vastness of the natural world.

In terms of Wu Kuan-Te's oil creations, they come from an almost ritualistic meditation before the canvas, like looking into a mirror that reflects the concept within his mind and then naturally allows the work to grow and develop. The entire process is like exploring an unknown spiritual world and then constructing an area between the abstract idea and physical representation. It is as if a seed falls to the canvas and then is followed by nourishing rain, allowing the the seed to root, sprout and bloom, only to drop mire seeds. The single idea becomes a forest, then rain a river that moves through it, mirroring the flow of inspiration as the artist follows the carefree current that leads to the completion of his works.

This time his watercolor works will be at the exhibition along with his other pieces. He often travels with his painting tools, humbly paying respect to Mother Nature. His outdoor watercolors are an observation of self and Nature, mixing his thoughts with air, light, and life, with both a poetic and natural image as an end result.

Wu Kuan-Te works in two different mediums, his oil painting and watercolors, to create a cycle similar to that of breathing in and out. Painting with watercolors is the expression of all of his senses in the moment as he breathes in his subject matter, while his oil paintings done indoors are creations he pulls from memory, allowing him to inject subjective thoughts as he breathes out the remembered subject filtered through his imagination.