Joao Carvalho - Video

João Carvalho was born in 1962 in Torres Novas, Portugal.  In his early years he began to have contact with two distinct and distant universes within his own family and today they reflect in his professional activities: from his mother’s side, he inherited his love for the artistic universe through his grandfather who dedicated himself to portrait painting; from his father’s side, he gained the knowledge and techniques of developing leather from both his father and his grandfather.

With these two worlds as a constant presence in his life - the artistic and the technical - he left for Germany in 1983 in order to further his technical knowledge.  He studied in the University of Applied Sciences of Reutlingen, in Baden-Württemberg, where he graduated as a leather technician.

Since then, João Carvalho has been dividing his time between work in both fields - technical and artistic.  In the former, he takes on the role of leather designer and consultant, offering his services as a personal technical consultant.  As an artist, João Carvalho creates amazing sculptures which capture unique moments and conserve them forever, using specialized techniques in conjunction with new processes which have already been patented.

His vast collection of sculptures, christened  NU ETERNO (ETERNAL NUDE), has been presented in numerous exhibitions in various countries.

• 2013 Artspace João Carvalho opening, with permanent exhibition of “Eternal Nude” – Gouxaria, Portugal

2012 Permanent exhibition in João Carvalhoworkspace – Gouxaria, Portugal

2011 Galleria Cavour – Bologna, Itália

2010 rojo@atspace – Milão, Itália

2009 Linea Pelle – Bologna, Itália

2008 Cine-Teatro São Pedro – Alcanena, Portugal

2008 Centro Náutico – Constância, Portugal

2007 Museu da História Natural – Lisboa, Portugal

2006 Europarque – Porto, Portugal

2006 Espaço Fatimae – Fátima, Portugal