Andrés Rueda - Video

Andrés Rueda was born in Piedrahita (Ávila) in 1956. While living in Catalonia, he studied in the Escuela de Bellas Artes in Sabadell (Barcelona). He later perfected his technique and craftsmanship in various ateliers of prestigious master painters until, with the knowledge and experience he obtained, he decided to follow his own path and discovered his enduring passion for landscape painting.

Andrés Rueda has now fully matured as a painter and has established his personal criteria. As his very personal aesthetic he has chosen a style of painting that, although fully contemporary, is also an echo of tendencies that triumphed in past centuries: Pre- Rafaelism, Symbolism, Impressionism and Neo- Impressionism.

This close relationship and dialogue that he maintains with his best friend, the landscape, must both surprise and be admired. When viewing this deep and mutual understanding, it becomes obvious that

landscapes have offered to him their most intimate secrets, confessing their deepest nuances and hitherto unrecognized perceptions. They have opened limitless new perspectives and horizons to him where commercial repetitions and dangerous affectations have no place.

1975 Chapel Barco de Avila

1977-1989 Participation in the contest of young painting Sala Pares. Barcelona. Russinyol

1983 Solo Exhibition Hall. Sant Cugat. Collective

1984-1986 Spain in different rooms. Exhibition in Cau D'Art Gallery - Sabadell

1986 Solo Exhibition Gallery Bona Nova. Barcelona - Sokoa

1988 Solo Exhibition Gallery - Madrid

1989 Solo Exhibition Gallery Benedito. Malaga. Individual Exhibition Gallery Bernesga. Leon. Braulio

1990 Solo Exhibition Hall. Castellón.

1991 Solo Exhibition Galerie Main dOr. Paris Solo Exhibition Galerie Gorg. Germany. Individual exhibition dArt ODA room. Terrassa. Atelier

1992 Solo Exhibition Hall. Barcelona. Individual exhibition Galerie Anm Gorres Platz. Germany

1993 Solo Exhibition Hall Clara. Olot. Girona Solo Exhibition Hall Rovira. Sabadell Solo Exhibition Hall Lloveras, Terrassa. Pedreguet

1994 Solo Exhibition-Art Gallery. Amer (Girona) man show. Olpe (Germany) Solo Exhibition Junta Castilla-Leon. Avila Atelier Exhibition Hall. Barcelona.

1995 Solo Exhibition Gallery Zuccaro. Madrid Exhibition indivdual Nova Gallery, Malaga. Individual Exhibition Gallery Conxa Lopez. Torredembarra (Tarragona)

1996 Solo Exhibition House of Culture. Xativa (Valencia) Solo Exhibition Junta Castilla-Leon. Avila Solo Exhibition Hall Atelier. Barcelona.

1997 Solo Exhibition Avila Savings Box. Arévalo 1998 Solo Exhibition Gallery Braulio. Castellón Solo Exhibition Gallery Echevarría San Sebastian

2000 Exhibition dArt ondivudal Fons. Olot (Girona)

2001-2002 Solo Exhibition Gallery Art Box. Barcelona Solo Exhibition Gallery Art Box. Madrid. Exhibition in the Gallery of English Court (Madrid and Barcelona). Individual Exhibition Hall Braulio. Castellón

2003 Solo Exhibition House of Sexmos. Arevalo. Works in collections : Banco Sabadell, Logic Control, Cirsa, City of Arevalo, private collections Other Works in : Spain, Germany, Argentina, Japan, France, Luxembourg, London

Actualmente sus obras se exponen en diferentes países:
Galerie KONTRASTE, Erwitte, Germany
X-Power Gallery Shanghai , China
Get Art museum Taipei Taiwan