Gaelle Weissberg is a sculptor, originally from New Zealand, born in 1960. A self-taught artist, Gaelle Weissberg admits that she draws inspiration from her passion namely anthropology and studying mankind in general. The indigenous tribes are models in all her creations. Gaelle Weissberg makes a true and unfortunate observation, which is that the least developed tribes or people less advances than our consumer society have nothing to teach us, which isn't true at all according to the artist, as she sees beauty in each and every lifestyle. Gaelle Weissberg's work has been exhibited in several galleries and exhibitions around the world. The artist portrays an optimistic vision, full of hope on the mankind and our civilization.

Gaelle's artwork has been photographed by Studio Photo JM2.

Solo Exhibitions:

• 1987  Gallery Elaine Potter . San Francisco . USA 

1997  Town Hall . Le Mans . France

1999  Center of Contemporary Art Bouvay Ladubay . Saumer

2004  Château of Saint Suzanne

2005  Gallery Marie-Claude Goinard . Paris

2008  Gallery Marie Claude Goinard . Paris

2011  Château le Loupe

2013  Center of Ceramic Malicorne

Collective Exhibitions: 

1989 Downey Museum . Los Angeles . USA

1989 Museum of American Craft . New York . USA   " Young Americans"

1990 Oakland Museum . San Francisco Bay Area .  Group Show - "Oaklands Artists " Selection by invitation - ceramics, represented by Peter Voulkas , Viola Frey , Gail Weissberg , Sherry Carver.

1991  Savona . Italy . Exhibition of 8 sculptors of the Bay Area of San Francisco.

1991 Paris Gibson Square , Great Falls ,Montana .USA. (Financed by "WESTAF")

2001 Malicorne  , Center for Ceramics . Le Mans

2002  "Art Center"  Antony, Paris

2002  Malicorne . Center for Ceramics. Le Mans

2007  Pulsart. Art manifestation. Le Mans

2007 Hyéres. Group exposition of Sculpture

2009 Pulsart. Le Mans

2010  The Domaine of Gasseau

2014   Exposition "XXL" . Maison of Applied Arts. Pézenas