Bjorn Richter - Video

Bjørn Richter settled in Norway 1984 after living and working in Germany, USA and Denmark. His studio and galleries are situated in southern Norway, surrounded by fjords, forests and mountains. The location in the middle of nature provides constant stimulation.

The working technique for his Gouache paintings is a combination of airbrushing, brush painting, drawing and graphic effects. Colors, techniques and work rhythms are tools to express a language/story through messages. The work itself is a form of meditation, to search deeper into our creative, poetic souls. The expressions are descriptions of nature, the familiar beauty of the outward environment. But in much of Bjørns visual Universe he addresses the parallels of the human psyche, its inner ”landscapes” and condition.

The real challenge becomes the cultivation of the mind, -the inner environment that allows us to understand and contribute to change the outer world.

The working process dealing with the intricate details of each original is a demanding process. Through the nature-surreal perceptions Bjørn searches the philosophical realms. The hope is to create challenging artwork, where each theme becomes a complete universe by means of its dramatic or subtle messages. Each painting has its own story and language, which the observer interprets by tuning in to the painting’s impulses. Naturally, the language of the themes demand intuition as well as sensitivity. Therefore, he seldomly give his paintings titles which would mean a direction of thought. But these few words can never cover the broad field of signals and associations. Instead there should be patience for reflection and dialogue with the painting.